Where to find Counselling?

David Shapiro del Sole is providing face-to-face counselling in the Launceston area.  Clients wishing individual counselling, marriage/couples counselling, help with depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, family counselling and more have the option of face-to-face counselling in Launceston at the address displayed at the right or on-line counselling wherever you’re located via Skype or Zoom.

Marriage/couples Counselling

The importance of early intervention when it comes to sorting out relationship difficulties especially when they may be affecting others besides you and your partner, such as your children, can’t be overstated. Disagreements between partners are rarely the problem. What is the problem is the inability to talk about your different viewpoints without turning that difference into a heated argument or a cold, silent stand-off. There are strategies and attitudes that anyone can easily learn–though, admittedly, they take time to put into practice–which can help couples reduce conflict, better understand themselves and their partner and strengthen the emotional bond of their relationship. If this sounds like something you and your partner would like to explore further, I invite you to contact me with any questions you have or to make an appointment.

Individual counselling   

Counselling or psychotherapy for individuals is a way of opening doors, from the inside, that have been stuck. They allow us to walk out into a space where we have greater freedom. There are times when the excitement and clarity of a life lived freely and responsibly are not there for us.  When even the support of family and friends, if we are lucky enough to have that, doesn’t seem to help.  And yet, to be held in the grip of states like depression or anxiety, that seem to have no resolution, demand from us our urgent attention.

Good counselling offers the possibility of understanding the nature of our difficulties. It begins with the belief that understanding resides in us—all of us. It is an understanding that has always been there, but which has been covered over by layers of received misinformation, training and habit. The task of the counsellor is to assist us in finding our way through those accumulated layers to a deeper, truer understanding of ourselves.

If such counselling sounds what you are looking for, I welcome you to contact me to find out more and/or to book a session.



“We are deeply helpful only when we relate as persons, when we risk ourselves as persons in the relationship, when we experience the other as a person in his own right. Only then is there a meeting at a depth that dissolves the pain of aloneness in both client and therapist.”

—Carl Rogers



Individuals – Couples – Groups
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Workshops & Groups

A number of diverse workshops and groups are available upon request.  They are designed, depending on their nature, to be suitable for five to twenty participants.

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Empathy Circle

A free, on-going group for those facing emotional or mental challenges, and anyone looking for an accepting environment.

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  • I have been a client of David’s for 2 years, and have found him to have a high degree of gentleness, respectfulness, sensitivity, sincerity and compassion…I highly recommend David as a counsellor and therapist.–Anonymous client

  • …we made significant individual shifts that healed and re-enlivened our relationship. We highly recommend his professional service.”–Susanna Pearson & Thomas Goodman

  • J. and me left the consult with a freedom that we have never experienced before… WE CAN BE OURSELVES!!!!! I would recommend David Shapiro De Sole to anyone who has relationship issues. –C. & J.

  • Seeing David on a regular basis has been priceless for me. With his help and understanding, i am becoming more aware of, and improving, certain behaviours in my life.
    I cannot thank David enough for his support and recommend him to everyone.David Hummel

  • David is an exceptionally warm and compassionate human being. He creates a space where you feel whatever comes up is okay. If I could give him 10 stars out of 5 I would!–M. Griffith

  • A very wise man and a great counsellor. I can highly recommend him.–Noel Ferguson

  • David is a wonderful listener. He knows how to ask you the questions that will challenge you to learn about yourself and grow.–Robert Handley