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Relationship Counselling

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Who can benefit from counselling?

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Individual Counselling

Good counselling begins with the assumption that each of us has the tools within us to meet life’s challenges. However, those tools often get covered over by layers of received misinformation. The task of the counsellor is to assist you out of those false stories that are not genuinely yours to a deeper, truer story of your own making.

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Couples Counselling

Differences between partners are never the problem. The problem is the inability to talk about those differences without turning them into a heated argument or a silent stand-off.
Strategies will be offered to reduce conflict, to better understand yourself and your partner and to strengthen the emotional bond of your relationship.

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Family Counselling

Family or group counselling aims to help each member to find a more comfortable space within the family.  The key is listening.  Learning to listen deeply to each other’s desires, hopes and fears creates mutual understanding and strengthens family bonds.


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