Is relationship really an art in listening?

Listening seems to be one of those things that is highly underrated in western countries.  It’s talking, having something to say and saying it effectively, that is primarily valued.  Of course, being an effective speaker is a great thing.  However, the results of such a lop-sided view of communication is that many of us have developed into superb talkers but poor listeners, and therefore there seems to be a community shortage of good listeners.  We may have the feeling that we repeatedly and clearly state what we want and, yet, our significant other doesn’t seem to get it.

Even more basically, few of us have any idea how it is possible to listen to ourselves.  We may then be forever searching for the listener of our dreams to give us a sense of completion, not realizing when we think we’ve met them, that they, too, are primarily or exclusively interested in someone who will listen to them.Relationship Counselling, relationship is an art in listening

This 8-week program aims to demonstrate why our relationship is an art in listening.  It will help us return to a bit more balance and reality in our communication styles–whether we are someone who believes they talk too much or inappropriately or someone who frequently leaves conversations feeling frustrated with themselves for not having said what they really wanted to.  Listening beyond words to our own and others’ desires, hopes, needs, fears and dreams helps us move to a deeper sense of ourselves and our relationships.

The eight weeks will follow a development from demonstrating how our relationships are an art in listening to strategies on how that art can be practiced.  All activities are voluntary and confidentiality, mutual respect and support are priorities.

“The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is happening outside” –Dag Hammerskojld (former UN Secretary General)