At Highlands Counselling Launceston I try to make counselling affordable
for anyone who feels they may benefit from it.

Suggested donation: $100/hr. session*                                                                

Suggested donation (pensioner): $50/hr. session*

*These are only suggestions.

Private health fund rebates available.

Why a Donation?

Knowing the value of a thing, if it doesn’t have a price tag, can be tricky.  Knowing the value of myself or another person is impossible.  And yet, I believe, we often unthinkingly evaluate ourselves and others as if we did have a price-tag discreetly hanging from our collars accompanied by words like “good, successful, bad, failure, etc.”.

While such evaluations have a place in certain restricted situations, it’s unhelpful at best when it comes to evaluating who we are.

Making a donation rather than paying a fixed fee requires a different sense of valuing, one that attends to mutual need and invites us into relationship.  Such an approach seems more in keeping with a spirit of healing.

If you think I may be of help, I welcome you to contact me to find out more and/or to book a session.