Money, Counselling & Healing


Suggestions for Voluntary Donation:

1 hour session: $100

1 hour session: $40 (Pensioner)

The above are only meant to be a guideline.  This is your donation.  Private health fund rebates available.

Why a Donation?

Knowing the value of a thing, if it doesn’t have a price tag, can be tricky.  Knowing the value of myself or another person is impossible.  And yet, I believe, we often unthinkingly evaluate ourselves and others as if we did have a price-tag discreetly hanging from our collars with a number or a word like “good, successful, bad, failure”.  Such evaluations are not helpful; they contribute significantly to our dis-ease.

Asking for a donation rather than a fixed fee requires a different kind of exchange, one that attends to mutual need and invites us into relationship.  Such an approach to monetary transactions seems more truly in keeping with an intent to heal.