Below is what some people have said about their experience at Highlands Counselling Launceston.


“I have been a client of David’s for 2 years, and have found him to have a high degree of gentleness, respectfulness, sensitivity, sincerity and compassion. I have felt completely safe working with him, and have gained enormously in love and acceptance of myself. The underlying feeling from each session has been that of respect for whatever process I am going through – with no pressure to adopt any particular belief system or therapeutic technique. This has enabled me to find my own way of working – and with that trust in myself. I have discovered my own internal strength and wisdom.

I highly recommend David as a counselor and therapist.”

— Anonymous client

“A concern we have going to counselling for couples is whether the counsellor is able to remain neutral and objective with each person’s perspective and not be tempted or triggered to take sides. David succeeded in doing this consistently over weeks of sessions with the result that we made significant individual shifts that healed and re-enlivened our relationship. We highly recommend his professional service.”

— Susanna Pearson & Thomas Goodman

“My experience with David has been confronting !!!!!!, however, I’m better in myself for having seen him.  Today, I dared to share my experience, based on sessions with David, with ” My Wife”.  I invited my wife to join us at the session.  She said she was going to just sit there and be an observer, however, after a few minutes, we all started to talk and say the most overt things.   We laughed, so did David.   Julie and me left the consult with a freedom that we have never experienced before….WE CAN BE OURSELVES !!!!!   David helped us to see that we are OK in the big scheme of things and that perhaps we maybe worry too much.  We love each other and Dr Shapiro made that obvious to us today.   I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping us with our convoluted, weird, wanky, marriage.  To me that is just what we all have, and David helped us to understand that fighting, arguments, life is ok.  He helped us to realise that we are just normal human beings who love each other but fight regularly…welcome to the real world.  I would recommend David Shapiro De Sole to anyone who has relationship issues.  Come and see this man, trust him, let him ask questions that are difficult to answer and learn that it is OK to say you don’t know.  He is a gift.

We are happy that our marriage has got better, but we still fight.  Life is so lovely when you can just accept it.  David taught us that…”

— C. and J.

“Words cannot describe the help and support that David has provided me with. It has been an incredibly hard but rewarding journey. I have learnt so much about myself and feel very positive and a lot more resilient than I did 6 months ago. I would highly recommend him as a therapist.”  —-M.Griffith


“Seeing David on a regular basis has been priceless for me. With his help and understanding, i am becoming more aware of, and improving, certain behaviours and key areas of my life, that will definitely have a positive impact on myself in the future, and also my relationships with others.
I cannot thank David enough for his support and recommend him to everyone.”  —-David Hummel

“David is a wonderful listener. He knows how to ask you the questions that will challenge you to learn about yourself and grow.”  —-Robert Handley

“A very wise man and a great counsellor. I can highly recommend him.”  —-Noel Ferguson