Workshops & Groups


Relationship: the Art of Listening is a program that aims to return a bit more balance and reality to our communication styles–for both those who believe they talk too much or inappropriately and those who frequently leave conversations feeling frustrated with themselves for not having said what they really wanted to.  Listening beyond words to our own and others’ desires, hopes, needs, fears and dreams, helps us move to a deeper sense of ourselves and our relationships.

The program follows a development from why it is important to be able to listen to strategies on how that may be achieved.


Men With Heart is a Men’s Group that provides an opportunity for men to talk with other men about whatever issues concern them. It is conducted with the help of a trained facilitator, providing a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

The Men’s Group welcomes men of any age or background who are interested in delving deeper into who they are, what their relationships are about and what might be the way forward for them.


The Depression Clinic aims to provide participants with a supportive space and tools to help them explore the nature of their own depressive experience, its contributing causes and options for recovery.  The overall approach is meditative, enabling participants to sit alongside their dark feelings with the needed emotional safety that will allow them to extract understanding without being overwhelmed.